March Madness, New Zealand mosque shootings, ‘Us’ hits theaters nationwide: 5 things to know Friday

Editors, USA TODAY
Published 4:33 a.m. ET March 22, 2019
Will Cinderella help March see a little more madness on Friday?The first day of the NCAA tournament is in the books, and potential Cinderellas failed to provide that bubble-bursting upset. Fans will be looking for more of the madness that has branded previous tournaments when the action picks up on Friday. Seeking to avoid another major upset will be the South region’s No. 1 seed Virginia, which lost to a 16 seed last year but could be poised for a big tournament this time. Later Friday, the tournament’s biggest attraction, Zion Williamson, takes the court when Duke, the No. 1 seed in the East, plays North Dakota State. In the meantime, be sure to check how your bracket is faring against the competition. AutoplayShow ThumbnailsShow Captions New Zealand street gangs vow to defend mosquesStreet gangs across New Zealand have offered to protect the nation’s mosques during Friday prayers in the wake of a gunman’s ra…

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Things are not what they seem

Of all the unique environments hidden away in Grey Sloan Memorial, I think Maggie’s decision to introduce a Jungle Room and a Blue Room was desperately needed. Based on all the medical jargon and statistics she recited to the eager interns, I can report that a roomful of plants and a roomful of blue light produce higher levels of something positive and lower levels of anxiety.It’s a good thing all the doctors are hot messes and have multiple reasons to visit the rooms so Maggie can take their blood pressure and prove her theory.For example, Teddy is stressed because Tom and Owen are both accompanying her to a birthing class. But before things even have a chance to get awkward, Teddy looks alarmingly concerned when she feels a sharp pain. TO THE BLUE ROOM! Parker finds her breathing heavily, irritated that the azure habitat is not doing its job. He calls Carina, and we quickly learn that Teddy has an insufficient cervix.Well, that’s not good. Carina maneuvers the hospital bed so Teddy’…

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Seasonal Reese’s are better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are obviously incredible, the envy of their chocolaty peers. But as Easter approaches and we begin to consider our springtime candy lineups (I assume everyone does this), it might be time to admit that specialty Reese’s — we’ll use the seasonal Reese’s Egg as an example — are better.There are several key differences between Reese’s Cups and Reese’s Eggs, including size, shape, and the amount of peanut butter within the chocolate shell. Most notably, the cup has ridges and the egg does not. But Reese’s, it turns out, do not need ridges to be the best versions of themselves. In fact, they just need to be shapeless, chunky globs. The peanut butter to chocolate ratioPeople like Reese’s because they combine two good things that are also good together: peanut butter and chocolate. If a consumer wanted chocolate only, they’d eat a Hershey’s bar or one of those weird truffles in the corner of a Whitman’s sampler. It makes no sense that a Reese’s liker would not want …

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